Friday Coffee Meet-Up Podcast: Episode 01

Topic: The Challenge of A Unique Food Brand

Choctal’s products are based upon some very unique sourcing and production techniques never before seen in the ice cream industry. Like fine gourmet coffees, and varietal wines, Choctál ice creams are made from single-origin ingredients—one variety of cacao or vanilla, harvested from a single region. It’s the unique flavor profile of each local variety that gives Choctál chocolates and vanillas their deliciously distinctive nuances. Besides single-origin ingredients, we add more chocolate or vanilla than most ice creams— and less air. (Who likes the taste of air?) Our all-natural cream base contains no artificial additives, eggs or gluten. Since our launch, over 2 1/2 years ago, our products are now found in over 400 retail accounts in 10 States.

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